January 1, 2007

Card Lake, West Stockbridge, MA

picture-10.jpg, originally uploaded by Blogphotog.

Card Lake in Winter (not even frozen over) in late December.

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Shaker Mission House

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This is the old Shaker Mission House on Main Street in downtown Stockbridge, Ma. It is the oldest house in town....

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Alice's Restaraunt?

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As best I could tell, this is the old entrance to the famous Alice's Restaraunt. You know, the one in Stockbridge, MA made famous by Arlo Guthrie.... It has been bought out, and renamed -- why, I am not sure....

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The Red Lion Inn

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While in Stockbridge, I stayed at the Red Lion Inn, a wonderful old inn from the 1700's that is still in operation today. It is a grand old place, with 4 floors of rooms/suites and several guest houses. There are two red lions that grace the front entrance, one of them being shown here. When my dog walked up to the front entrance with me, he got one look at this lion and froze -- and tried to cower away in fear. Apparently he thought the lion was a real cat! The Red Lion Inn does have a real cat -- a black and white one that roams around the inn at night, but it isn't anything like the bronze lion pictured here....

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Sedwick Family Graves

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I went to the cemetery in Stockbridge, MA to find Norman Rockwell's grave site, but when I encountered this interesting set of graves I stopped to photograph them. The Sedwick family apparently has all of their grave sites in a concentric circle around the family patriarch, so when the rapture happens they can all go together.... facinating....

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Chai at the Main Street Cafe

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The Main Street Cafe turned out to be one of my favorite digs when I was recently in Stockbrige, MA. Great breakfast and lunch, but a bummer that they weren't open for dinner.....

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December 1, 2006

Spiral Staircase at the Supreme Court

I took this photo during a private tour of the Supreme Court this past week. A 12-story spiral staircase made of marble spans the 1st thru 12 floors of the U.S. Supreme Court in a section of the court restricted to employees and Justices.

Hand-held at 1600 ISO.

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